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My most recent release was an EP called 'her'. During a quiet two months I decided to keep myself busy by creating a collection of four instrumental tracks, each one incorporating different moods and musical elements. It was immensely rewarding for me and I revelled in the freedom one feels when creating music solely for oneself.

1. I Have No Heaven Left - Originally written as a piece of music for a film that, sadly, never saw the light of day this piano based ballad is the oldest track on the EP.

2. Time Capsule - I've wanted to write music that melds orchestral elements with more modern production techniques and sounds and used 'Time Capsule' as a way to do this. 

3. Navy Blue - The most sombre of the music on the EP I wrote 'Navy Blue' based on personal memories and the emotions they solicit. Delicate piano and more orchestral elements are the primary features of this track.

4. her - Her was originally going to be about 5 minutes long but I couldn't find an appropriate way to finish it. When I decided to do the EP this 5 minute section had already been composed so I used the freedom I had; no timing constraints or working to a rigid picture lock, and just composed what I felt like. The end result is arguably over-indulgent but was so much fun working on I had to include it.